The Priory Stables


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Priory Stables, Wherwell Priory, Andover, Hants SP11 7JH

Licence for grazing and the use of other facilities.


    MBSG Properties Ltd (stables and facilities)
    Hampshire Grazing Ltd (grazing)
    Equine Elite Ltd (services)



The Owner states that he/she is the owner of the horse(s) described in schedule 4 or is the person to whom this horse(s) has been leased or loaned and who is contractually liable for this horse(s) as set out in schedule 4, and that he/she is desirous of grazing said horse(s) on the land and utilizing the other facilities as set out in schedule 2.

1.     Hampshire Grazing hereby grants a license to the Owner for the Owner to graze his/her horse(s) as set out in schedule 4.

MBSG Properties hereby grants a license to the Owner for the Owner to utilize the facilities of the Stables and yard .  The use of facilities is subject to availability.

These licenses cease for each horse when payments for the specified horse cease or when notified by Hampshire Grazing Ltd or MBSG Properties Ltd.

2.    The Owner shall have access to the yard and fields via the drive leading from The White Lion Inn, or as may otherwise be agreed, it being understood that Wherwell Priory is a private house and that the house and gardens remain strictly out of bounds.

3.    Access to the stables and fields shall be available seven days a week throughout the year from the hours of 06.00 until 22.00.  Access outside these hours must be by special arrangement with either Benjamin Bick or Olivia Gent.

4.    It is understood that the Owner shall have no exclusive use of any field, stable or other facility.  Hampshire Grazing Ltd and MBSG Properties Ltd have the right to ask the Owner to move his/her horse/s  or equipment at its discretion and if he/she is unable to do so, the Owner agrees that the equipment or horse/s can be moved to suit the requirements of Hampshire Grazing Ltd or MBSG Properties Ltd.  The Owner specifically agrees that  no tenancy or other permanent right in favour of the owner shall be created by this license.    

5.   The Owner shall pay Hampshire Grazing Ltd the sums set out in Schedule 3 (which may be revised) on a monthly basis in advance and shall, in addition, pay one month’s payment as a deposit against possible damages caused by the Owner’s horse/s and other potential claims which may be made against the Owner.  Payment shall be due on the first of the month for the whole of the month ahead.  Where a horse arrives on any other day other than the last day of the preceding month, or the first day of the month, the initial amount due will be calculated for that month on a pro rata basis and will be payable with the deposit prior to the arrival of the horse.

6.    If any of the sums set out in Schedule 3 include a payment for services, it is understood and agreed that these services shall be provided to the Owner by Equine Elite Ltd.  

7.    In the event that the Owner is in arrears with Hampshire Grazing Ltd, they reserve the right to charge the Owner 4% over the Santander published bank rate.

8.    In the event that any sums due under this agreement remain unpaid for more than three (3) months after they first become due, the Owner agrees that Hampshire Grazing Ltd may sell the Owners horse/s or equipment provided that written notice has been given to the Owner at the address set out at this beginning of this agreement (or as subsequently notified to Hampshire Grazing) of the intention to sell, at least seven (7) days before sale.  From the monies received from the sale of the horse/s Hampshire Grazing may retain such sums as may be required to cover the unpaid sums due under this agreement and the reasonable costs of the sale.  Any remaining money shall be returned to the Owner within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the proceeds of the sale.

9.    The Owner shall adhere to the rules of the stables attached in Schedule 1, it being understood that these may be amended at any time.

10.    The Owner shall remain responsible for the health and welfare of his/her horse/s and shall ensure that they are provided with all matters required to ensure this.  In the event that the Owner fails to ensure that his/her horse/s are provided with everything necessary for their health and welfare, the Owner agrees that Equine Elite may undertake this work and charge the Owner in accordance with the sums set out in Schedule 3 or, where not covered by this agreement, at the market rate.

11.    The Owner undertakes that her horse is fully up to date on their vaccinations (flu -
and tetanus) and has been wormed regularly.  The Owner agrees that in the event that Equine Elite believes that the horse/s are in need of urgent veterinary or farrier attention, Equine Elite may summon a veterinary surgeon or farrier and authorise any essential
treatment, provided that they have made all reasonable efforts to contact the Owner before such work is undertaken.  The Owner (the signatory on this Contract) agrees to take responsibility for veterinary or farrier fees incurred in accordance with this paragraph.

12.    Neither Hampshire Grazing Ltd, MBSG Properties Ltd or Equine Elite Ltd accepts any liability for property (which includes horses, vehicles, trailers, equipment or money) left at Wherwell Priory.  All the above are left entirely at the Owners own risk.  You and your horse/s are here at your own risk and neither Hampshire Grazing Ltd, MBSG Properties Ltd or Equine Elite Ltd is responsible for any harm that may come to you or your horse/s, however caused.  In particular,. You understand that riding is a potentially dangerous activity, that there may be other activities carried out at Wherwell Priory and that the site is not a dedicated stables.  You understand and accept that other activities occur here, including movements of vehicles, fishermen with their dogs, wedding celebrations etc which could frighten your horse/s.

13.    Your horse/s and property are not covered by insurance.  It is a condition of this contract that you have fully comprehensive insurance for your horse.

14.    You are responsible for any damage or injury which may be caused by you or your horse/s to any property, persons or animals, either at Wherwell Priory or in Harewood Forest.

15.    Violence or abuse towards any of those working on this estate will not be tolerated.  Anybody exhibiting inappropriate behaviour may be asked to leave The Priory Stables.

16.    The term of this license is one month, which will be extended automatically until either party gives the other party at least one month’s notice of termination.  This notice must be given in writing either to Benjamin Bick, Olivia Gent or Stefanie Gent.

17.    From time to time, due to changes in legislation or practical requirements, it may be necessary to make amendments to this agreement.  The agreement will be accessible on the webite  You will be informed of any major amendments by email.

Signed………………………………..............     ……………………………….................
    Benjamin Bick                                                                                                Olivia Gent

Signed ………………………………...............
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